It is said that the Casentino’s forests are the most colorful in Italy. There are many varieties of plants and trees in the forest that thrive thanks to a welcoming climate, so much so that in the middle of October the forest lights up with gorgeous colors and wonderful smells.

With the rains the famous porcini mushrooms grow, renowned for their intense aroma and flavor. In the many restaurants in the Casentino you can try delicious dishes made with these local mushrooms. If you look carefully during a hike, and also have some luck, you will find some mushrooms of your own that you can cook back at the villa.

Since ancient times, the friars of Camaldoli have worked tirelessly to preserve the integrity and beauty of the forest. Even the Grandduke of Tuscany recognized the importance and beauty of the forest. He had timber cut from the forest taken to Florence and also Austria to be used in the construction of prestigious and historically significant buildings. The Casentino forests are truly an Italian treasure.

What better setting in which to enjoy lovely walks than these forests of the Casentino?

For all these reasons, we invite you to our world during this autumn season. The climate is still mild and welcoming and, because it is technically the off season, you will benefit from lower rates while still enjoying all the splendor that is the Casentino and the comfort and luxury that is Montermoli.